The ring of the golden Bell

Before starting this story , I must share the reason why I am uploading this story, I have met a 10 year old kid last night who gave me this title and asked for a story on urgent basis. So here it is after thinking and imagining hard I have created this story . Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thanks



Ajay and Vijay were good friends and business partners too. Once they planned a vacation along with their families. They decided to visit Kodaikanal a hill station in the taluk division of the Dingigul district in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Its name in Tamil means “The Gift of the Forest”.


The kids were very happy and they were on their first train journey towards Tamil Nadu. Ajay was blessed with a girl child named Naina and Vijay was blessed with two boys named  Manas and Utsav. All the kids were near about 12 years of age.

Naina : Papa, I am so excited to visit this place

Ajay: Good J Anything for you my child

Naina: Papa, do you know that  Kodiakanal is referred as the “Princess of Hill station” and has long history…. Vijay intervened and said enough of the history my princess, get ready we have to take bus from the coming station and I want to talk to your papa related tothe  business.

Naina smiled and ran towards her mother; she wore her shoes and stood with Manas and Utsav near the gate along with the parents.

They took a bus to reach Kodaikanal , as the kids were watching out from the window of the bus Manas was very excited and he was jumping in the whole bus disturbing tourists around.

As they reached the destination, to their surprise there school friend Ujjwal was also there. Naina and Ujjwal were not good friends and used to fight all the time and at that time same thing happened.

Parents had to intervene and introduced each other. They all became such good friends that they decided to stay in the same hotel where Ujjwal’s parents were staying “Hotel Villa Retreat” surrounded by beautiful red flowers and exotic views.


Next day , all the families enjoyed visiting Shembaganur Museum of natural history and as Naina was a sucker of history  she enjoyed watching their outstanding taxidermy collection of more than 500 species of animals, birds and insects and a living collection of over 300 exotic orchid species.


They were having fun, while watching the other tourist attractions. All of sudden Naina realized that Ujjwal was missing, she immediately diverted everyone’s attention towards Ujjwal and everybodystarted searching for him.While his parents were crying hard the disoriented families showed pictures of Ujjwal to people around but no one had seen the kid.


It was gettingdark. Ajay’s wife bought all the kids back to the house while others were in police station reporting the missing case.


Manas, Utsav and Naina were in deep shock and decided to stay together that night while discussing what would have happened to Ujjwal.

Next morning, Manas woke up before dawn and saw from the window of the hotel that a man wearing a big robe of black color who was  hiding his face inside the robe was looking towards the window of his room.

Manas immediately woke Naina and Utsav and all the three kids looked at that man. Naina being the brave among all immediately shouted from the window itself, as the mother of Naina approached the kids, the man in the robe vanished in spilt second.


Manas,Utsav and Naina looked at each other befuddled and got ready to reach police station along with the parents. Unfortunately, there was no news of Ujjwal….

Ujjwal’s mother could not sleep the whole night and when she heardthe  inspector she could not control her tears and started crying. When kids saw her in tears they also started crying out of fear.


Vijay saw this and decided to takethe  kids to Bryant Park situated close to the Kodai Lake so that he could divert their minds from this issue.

The kids hired bicycles and Vijay and his wife chose to walk, Utsav noticed the man with the black robe again standing at the corner of the lake.

Utsav immediately stopped Manas and Naina and asked them to look at the corner; the moment three of them looked at him the man with the robe vanished.

Utsav: I just saw him trust me, he was here

Manas: maybe he is trying to scare us

Naina: May be he wants to talk to us or he has some clue where Ujjwal is


As the three of them were discussing amongst  each other they heard a cry of a woman. Another kid  hadgot lost while riding a horse.

What is happening over here said  Vijay and immediately took all  the kids back to the hotel.

They reached hotel and from the window they kept on waiting for the man with the black robe but he did  not appear.

Disheartened kids went back to sleep. As they were sleeping they all had a dream that Ujjwal was standing near water fall crying for help. As they were trying to help him he got lost again. But they all saw the board of Bear Shola Falls.

As they woke up they discussed with each other the dream that they had last night.

Utsav: how can all of us have the same dream? Manas and Naina looked at each other confused.

Naina approached her mother and asks her if there was any place there called Bear shola falls. Her mother enquired with the hotel people and he confirmed the name of the place. The kids then asked their respective parents to take them there. However they were scared to take them out of the hotel but after thinking hard they did take them to enjoy the waterfall in the reserve forest.

All of sudden, three of them heared someone applauding and they turnedtheirhead  only to witness a woman with wicked looks wearing the black robe in front of them. This time  the parents and other people were untraceable.


The heart of the kids started racing fast, Utsav being the eldest tried  to talk to her.

Who? Who are you?

Where are our parents? How are we here in this cave?

Shhhhhhhsaid  thewoman; I do not like too many questions in one time. You are here because I called all of you and you came on your own.

Manas started crying but Naina and Utsavwere among the bravest of all.We never came here on your call witch shoutedNaina…


No use of shouting and showing your anger, nobody will listen here accept me. This is my Kingdome and yes you are here because I called you. Remember, all of you had that same dream of your friend near water fall.

She claped again and the wall turned into a T.V in which  they saw their friend.

All of them started shouting his name and the witch laughed.

They noticed that along with Ujwal there were other kids too.

She claped one more time and they saw all the kids being torched by other witches.

What do you want from us askedUtsav.

She looked and him and tried to scare him but he was brave. She looked at Manas and he again startedcrying& hiding behind Naina.

She laughed and laughed and all of sudden she said, I will tell you what I want if you answer my questions.

The looked at each other and Naina asked her whatquestions?

Simple questions. I want to test your general knowledge

Go ahead saidNaina

Hummm, Okay She clapped again and she got a lillyflower  in her hand.

Look at this carefully and tell me what is it?

Manas started giggling and said very funny. Everyone knows that this is lilly

Oh you little boy you know how to giggle too

Yes you are right this is Lilly

Tell me, the name of the plant which can hold a human hand, as well as the rest of the 300 Lb human body?

Three of them started looking at each other.

Utsav said I know. I have read it somewhere but the name oh God help me

No, here no God can come to you. You  have to help yourself

Naina looked into the witche’s red eyes and said  it is called Victoria Amazonica

Yes, that is the name saidUtsav and let me tell you the plant is not only large, but it changes colours.When its flowers blooms on  the first night, they are a pure white color but  the next day they are pink.


Hum, intelligent kids… My next question is for your cry baby friend Manas. Tell me young boy how many years are there in a millennium?

Ha, 1,000 that is easy.

The witch looked  into his eyes to make him fearful and asked another question

Scarlet is a bright red color… True or false

Manas being fearful but answered  bravely True.


The witch laughed again and became silent all of sudden pointing fingers on these three kids.

I will tell you what I want, if you get me what I want I will leave your friend and all the other kids I have here with me.

She asked  them to bring a Golden Bell from the Forests.

But how would we look for it askedNaina

That is not my concern. My people will take you to the forest. After that it is your journey towards the Golden Bell and if you tell anyone that I have asked you to bring that I will kill all the kids.

Three of them looked at each other and nodded in yes to her.

She asked them to close their eyes and the next moment  whenthey opened there eyes they were in the forest. The darkness scared the kids but they were there for their friend Ujjwal. They had to bring him back at any cost.

As they took a step further they head a roar of a lion. Three of them huged each other and hide themselves behind the tree.

All of sudden, they heared a voice asking them how they were here. They look around and no one was there, but  soon that tree turned into a dwarf , I am the one who is asking you, they got scared and screamed.

The dwarf asked  them to calm down and promised  them to help.

Manas told him that they were here to find the golden bell.

The astounded dwarf asked  them to follow him.

Soon they saw themselves entering into the village of dwarf’s and the head of Dwarf asked  them why they were searching for the bell?

Three of them stood straight with their heads down.

Humm, I can only help you if you tell me the truth.

Utsav then squinted at the Dwarf and said if we tell you the truth she will kill our friend Ujjwal.

Dwarf understood that by She they meantthe witch who had  been trying hard to get the Golden Bell but he kept quiet as he knew that the little kids were being followed by the witch.

He said it is not easy to get the Golden bell, to get it you have to maneuver your ways through the maze.

Nainaquestioned what maze are  you talking about?

The old Dwarf smiled and said as you move forward you would be guided.

He asked the dwarf to take them towards the open sky as their journey begins from there.

The dwarf then asked them to close their eyes again and the next moment when they opened their eyes they were out of the forest in a place where nothing was around, all they could seewas  that the clouds were coming down…


A sweet voice welcomed them. So you are here to search for the Golden Bell

Manassaid :yes.

As he says yes, one of the cloud coming down turns into a beautiful white woman with golden hair. She was wearing White blouse and White skirt…

I can guide you further if only you answer my question.

What question askedUtsav

What comes down but never goes up?

Three of them started thinking hard.

The girl in white giggles and says you do not have much time, I have to go

Manas immediately answers it’s the Rain…

Yes, you are brilliant Manas

Thanks but how do you know my name

She smiled and gave him a ring while asking all of them to close their eyes

Next moment when they open there eyes they were in front of a river.

Three of them looked at each other and cribbed. What is this nonsense every time they asks us to close our eyes and the next moment we are somewhere else saidUtsav

Naina intervened and said  moreover they keep on asking so many questions

Forget everything and look at this golden ring which she has given to me.


The witch was watching all of them till they received the Golden Ring, once it was in the hands of the kids her power failed to observe them further.

She could not enter the pious forest herself  as the negative was banished instantly, she got furious , never a kid could cross Drawfs these three kids were special, how come they had  reached the next level.


Here as the kids were cribbing in front of the sea, the white man with the beard came out of the sea and got  upset with them…

How did you come here young kids? You have disturbed my sleep.

Ugh, uncle we are here in search of a Golden Bell saidUtsav

The old man laughs and says that stupid witch must have sent you. Right?

Yes uncle

Get lost! Go back there is no golden bell here…

Utsav starts crying and says please don’t say like this uncle, if we are unable to find that bell She will kill our best friend Ujjwal.

Why should I help you said the old man

Naina comes in front and  says because you look like my grandfather and my grandfather always loved kids

Those sweet words softend  his heart and he looked at the ring cloud which was already given to Manas.

My dear kids, if she gets the Golden Bell she would destroy all goodness, nonetheless I cannot see you crying.

He takes the water from his hand and soon that water turns into star fish.

Naina, Utsav and Mans’s eyes widened and started twinkling

He smiled and says while giving one to each, keep this with yourself always as it will remind you about the goodness stored in your innocent heart, the way you have reached here you would reach the golden bell too…

They all take the starfish and immediately closde the eyes

The old man asks why you are closing your eyes I did not ask you too

Utsav being the naughtiest by nature says well, everyone asks us to close our eyes after giving gifts.

HAHAHA they asks you to close your eyes because magic cannot be seen my dear it can be felt.

Go straight from here and turn towards left and remember there is no place for fear here.

The thanked  him and started walking. Manas being the cutest fat boy said what bro now we have to walk.

Naina says it is good for you.

Utsav while looking at the star fish cracks a joke.

Do you know Naina what does one star say to another when they meet?

No, I don’t know

Manas, do you know

No, I don’t know too

Glad to meteor!

All of them laughedonly  tomeet another challenge on the way

They saw a house made up of gold where the golden bell was hanged without a ring

Wow what a house says Utsav

Manas felt scared to move ahead

Naina noticed and reminded the old man’s golden words “There is no place for fear”

The moved toward the house.As they were about to touch the fence they were stopped by the dog.

Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?

A dog can talk?

The kids were experiencing mesmerizing things

Yes, in my world I can talk.

We are here to take the Golden bell says Naina

Humm, what are your names?

They all introduce themselves and the Dog introduced himself as Oreo.

The big black Labrador took  them inside his house and offerd them juice

Naina felt Oreo’s moves clever and told  him that they did  not need juice they were okay, but Manas does not heed up to Naina’s call and immediately finished all of the grape Juice and sleeps there.

Utsavtried hard to wake Manas up but he was in deep sleep.

The dog laughs and says what made you think that you can get the golden bell so easily to your world.

As naina was learning karate in her school she calls the dog for fight.

The dog roars but naina was not scared meanwhile Utsav tries to wake Manas up.

Are you not scared of me I can kill you with  my paw

No, I am ready for fight says Naina

The dog asks her to calm down and applaud her fearless attitude. At the same time he warns her about the witch.

With his one bark Manas wakes up and they were lead to the Golden Bell

Hey, but wait you do not have the ring without that it would not make a sound. asks Oreo

Manas immediately show him the ring and attach it to the bell.

Now when you ring it, it  would lead you to the place you came from but be careful about the motives of the witch.

They all thank Oreo and rang the golden bell.

The witch heard the ring of the golden bell and rejoiced in happiness, the kids were in front of her.

Good give it to me Naina.

No, we want you to free all the kids

The witch was not of her words she tries to harm them with her magical nails but the kids were supported by the goodness in their hearts with the magic they bought for themselves from the other world.


What all of you have bought from that world that my magic is not working? Come on, show me what is it ?

Three of them together take the star fish out from their pockets and the luminous light comes out from it destroying the witch and her empire.

The moment everything was over, they meet Ujjwal and other kids too.

Hey, thank you but how did you do that?

Three of them looked at each other and smiled

Why you smiling and what  is this ring in your hand naina?

The golden bell had  vanished but the ring of the bell stood with Naina as a ring of gold in her finger, she took that out and swirl in the air only to make them get back into their hotel rooms within their respective beds.

When kids opened their eyes they saw all of their parents laughing and gossiping as if this episode never happened but in their heart they knew that they saved their best friend and the goodness in this world.










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