Random thought from my dairy

Achievement, honor, status, celebrity… I was wondering what all these words are and where am I? Anywhere near to any of these words?

When I look back or if I meet new people they carry these tags and I don’t have any one of them… this some times makes me feel jealous and sometimes saddens my heart… what have I done from the time I have taken birth till date?

Everyone is teaching and I am listening like a fool is it? When will I be a teacher?

My imaginary boyfriend loves me very much and one day he asked me to calm my mind and made me understood the exact meaning behind these words… you know our dictionary is different from oxfords or Collins…

When I ponder on the thoughts he taught me… I realized that…

Everyday I feel that I am a celebrity not because I have published a book, learned astrology, or not because I get to attend page 3 gatherings naaa that is all not my cup of tea… I must feel like a celebrity when people around me, my family, and my friends make me feel that I am a very important part of their lives and that makes me a celebrity isn’t it? Love makes me a celebrity….

I feel that I have achieved something everyday when I do an effort to make a heart smile… every night when I review my day I realize yesss I made his/her day.. I bought a smile on his/her face well, that makes me an Achiever…

I feel honored when my elders praise me everyday with a thank you in their eyes

I feel that I have achieved a status in life not when I work like a donkey for 8 hours a week to earn my daily bread but when I see there are so many people who likes what I write and yes connect their feelings with mine… the messages they send of positive reception, gratitude and show their fervor in waiting for my next post… but money does count,   it has a role to play in bringing happiness to myself and others.. yes that brings me a status

I am still wondering what is in this life I have not lived except marriage , what if I am not a mother of human kid I have my fur baby and everyday I do my best to make him count his blessings

So, I feel contented now and blessed too to have so many loving souls around me, they who teach me new example everyday… sometimes with love, some times harshly but I do learn… I enjoy being a student; I don’t want to be a teacher…

On second thoughts, I have always hated my school teachers why should I be one… I don’t want anyone to hate me

Have a good day everyone


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