Painting my words

As I am looking at this white page as a canvas
I am drawing my present mood with colorful words dipped in the thought of paint
I am drawing a wall of blue which keeps me away from few
Those who call themselves my friend
But refuses to sync with my thoughts
Bringing me red fire balls of jealousy and pain
I draw myself dressed in orange
That depicts harmony and peace
Keeping away all the garbage
I draw my head turning back from the blue wall
The one which is stopping all the red fire balls
No wonder I look like a doll
Squinting at the sun that is yellow in color
I sketch myself smiling and holding hands of my lover
I draw green grass around with the swings in brown
Having kids and dogs playing larks and my elders chatting in the lawn
I draw my house in pink as pink denotes love in all seasons
An emotion that makes everyone smile without no reason
I draw a fence of white as a boundary in the front
That does not let any negativity attack my loved one
I pencil in a big gate of gold that shows that prosperity too resides in my home
If I could paint my present mood on to the canvas
I would paint something like this
That resonate my aura of happiness
Imaginations that brings me bliss