In search of Incredible

The whole world is suffering from one dreadful disease called Emotions… every kind of emotions have pros and cons.
I have recently read somewhere how these emotions effects our body and I was so very impressed by it that I actually kept a note of it in front of my work table as a reminder.
Let me share it with you too.  It says
ANGER- weakens the LIVER
GRIEF- weakens the LUNGS
WORRY –weakens the STOMACH
FEAR-weakens the KIDNEY
In short, if you want to live your life at peace drop emotions instantly otherwise they have weird threads to make you nuts  and the connecting knot is JEALOUSY for that.
Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is that recently Indi blogger has come up with a contest  called “In search of  Incredible “  in which they have given a situation as in  to give our  phone a super power and tell them how it would help  us  see what others can’t see and do what others can’t do.
Well, I would like to give my phone a superpower which could help me decode these emotions in the form of a graph as soon as I meet someone instantly so that I could talk to them in the same manner as it should be required or may be that would be a way I could judge the “Nasty me” in the other person so that I could be careful with my future dealings with the person. What say?