Think twice before wishing


Every day we live life with lessons however we tend to ignore it with daily humdrum and noises , I am too one of you,  sometimes I just crash down before thinking how was my day and what did I do  and all the minor details of the day.

Yes, for past few days I was wondering where my life was going and whether I am being loved and wanted by anyone in this world? You know, one of those days where you have everyone around you but you still seek attention, I had often asked for a sign as a wish but then that was momentary. Life moves on with one thing or the other and I forgot about it until this morning..

This morning was very uncomfortably strange when I woke up at 5 am I had a strong hunch that I should not get out of my house but then you cannot ignore daily chores just because something inside you is pushing you not to. I started my day while cancelling that as a negative thought and moved on with my day..

Every day, before leaving office I make a point to visit a temple nearby to say a quick hello to God, yup a hello after all he receives thousands of people in the morning asking one thing or another but nobody says hi to him, I am one of them who enjoy saying Hi to God every morning.  Anyways as I was coming back to my house while crossing the road my heart beat went fast and I was in midst of nowhere.. What was happening and why was it happening to me. I ignored it and crossed the road where again my inner voice asked me to walk straight instead of turning into my lane. I did not heed up to my conscious advise As I was walking I saw there were two men on bike coming from the wrong side.  The one sitting at the back pressed my neck hard and I was screaming for help  my voice was choking with fear but he pressed my neck more harder and then he attacked on my Gold chain which fell down, there was a man who was crossing the road saw them and shouted for help and the guy immediately started his bike and vanished in another lane.


I was knocked for six for a moment, then took my gold chain into my hand and stood there for a minute or two , the people around me asked whether I am okay but the state of shock took me over and without replying I went back to my home. As I was walking towards my home my mind was blank and when I told my family about the incident after reaching  I could feel it happening right in front of my eyes.  The scars on my neck on both the sides were witness of the terror I had been through.

The only thing my family asked while in tears was why he was pressing your neck when his motive was to snatch the chain and why people around on the main road did not stop him at that very moment? Were they all blind while this episode was happening?

I had no answers but then the voice inside me reminded me of my question I need a sign that I am loved. I wish I could get one . Ugh .. are you happy now Shetall?

Well, never ever I would ask for a sign because your subconscious has weird ways to manifest it…


What a day? Next time I would think twice before wishing ….


5 thoughts on “Think twice before wishing

  1. we make wishes on whims it seems. the saying ‘be careful what you wish for…’ holds weight. can you imagine just how chaotic life would be if everything you wished for came true….? it’s a terrifying thought.
    be careful what you wish for…


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