Magical Vending Machine

Soft drinks, electronics, nutrient-free snacks — you can get all of those from a vending machine. But what type of vending machine is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist? Share your automated retail fantasies with us!


Well, I would like to create a vending machine with multipurpose. Here read on… as they say if wishes were horses, I would say if wishes were vending machines…

I live my life with mix emotions
Sometimes I am witty
Sometimes I am no one
I wish I have a vending machine
The one could bring me everything
If I am not so confident
It brings me words of love
If I am happy
It shares my happiness by giving good laugh to others
If I am missing someone
It brings me message from them
Even if they stay in heaven up above
If I have an urge for something
It understands and brings me out the best it has of everything
If I need inspiration
It brings me out the best fantasy ever lived
Wow, if only I have a vending machine ….
I would create a magical life I have always dreamt…..