His Final minute

It was his final minute when I looked into his eyes

I discovered true love trying to hold me tight

He did not wanted to leave me

Alas! Harshness in his breath did not let him talk to me

He moved on to different level without closing his eyes

I cannot forget that vindictive moment

I saw him smiling even though I knew he died

Sudden burst of my emotions

Killed me thousand times

Even though I tried to be strong

Somewhere I was angry

Despising my lonely life

It is not easy to live I shrieked in an empty room

I don’t know how many times

Every second turned into minute

Minute turned into an hour and hours to lonely days and nights

All I was an angry woman who left her fortitude to hold life

It was one full moon night when

I saw a metal box near his bedside

It was old and wary closed with a lid

I opened it and saw a note

It says even though I leave you

I am still with you like a quill

Don’t try to hold my thought

I am near you and will never leave you ever

My physical presence is gone

But I am with you every single day and night

Understand this transition was equally upsetting for me

I had to leave to come back to you again my lovely

Smile, because your smile makes my heart shine

I will come back the day you will stop grieving and start living your life

I busted into tears

Knowing how much he loved me

I too responded with smiling face but with wounded voice

I am no more an angry woman trust me

You have given me a hope to live this life

But I can never forget your last minutes

You spent with me in my arms

I miss thee…

Come back to me in this life

So that I can detest you for a day to leave me

And love you all my life

That is an another story that I can never hate you for a moment

Even though anger is all on my mind


We lost Kooky in 2013 at this date, we pray that his soul rests in peace 🙂




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