An open letter to DAY


Dear Day,

Today I am writing you an open letter to let you know how you make me feel and how your presence affects my life…

You wake me up before the sun shines, you make me exercise with half asleep mind no wonder I get fresh after that but you drag me out to move myself sometimes I crib about the hot weather you bring, sometimes I crib about the timings of office but you never lose your shine and that makes me smile till the time it is for you to retire.

You bring me so many karmas along the way sometimes I do not find you easy and wants to run away but then you have a way to make me feel like I live in paradise by making me pray.

Did I ever confessed that I am in love with you with all my heart and yet sometimes you make me hate you for all the wrongs, no wonder you have your ways to make up by making me listen to the music nature holds that beautiful chirping of birds and sometimes you change the weather out of the blues and makes me look up at the clouds as they make different shapes.

I cannot recall any single moment where you and I went astray; we sync with each other and have enormous way to love each other.

I wish you could stay but when night knocks the door you go away giving me memories of what we did while we were together… Whether it is shouting, barking, cribbing ,loving, kissing, smiling you have witnessed everything  and I just want to tell you that you are my best friend .

I recall your stories and tell everything to night.  Night listen to my stories in silence and takes me to my terrace where I look up the twinkling stars making shapes which remind me that tomorrow I have to meet you again, no wonder I adore night for flirting with me in enormous way .. Sometimes it makes me write, sometimes imaginations take over my mind it make me close my eyes and  glittering night take the advantage of that and hugs me tight till the dawn breaks.


Love you now and forever Days of my life, I wish we stay happy forever in mischievous ways 😉




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