Oman calling

Oman, Yes   I have heard about the country but never thought of being there until I received a message on my inbox of exploring Oman from Indi blogger until yesterday. Wonder why such a beautiful country is out of my wish list of”would visit this place” one day some day.
Here I was goggling Oman, reading about its pre history and ancient history, no wonder I enjoyed reading about it  and later as the Indi blogger has asked in the mail “ If you could visit the beautiful country of Oman, where would you go, what would you do and why?  Hummm ,  horses of my thoughts started running I guess, what does Oman have to offer, I read on the list of the places to visit and view the images and as I love water , I ended up clicking on the image with  the name of a place called  Salalah ..
Salalah, I have heard about this   place somewhere, but where, Ahh after a deep contemplation I realized that this is the place where Queen Sheba stayed as I read that in the novel called Solomon’s Angels written by Doreen Virtue, one of my favorite romantic novel.
Anyways, I would love to Visit Salalah to view the place where the queen stayed, it is said that the Queen Sheba Fort is located at Khor-rori Dhofar region in Oman but wait does it have anything else to offer and then I clicked on another image of Dolphins, now I am smiling. Dolphins are my spiritual guides and they often help me. How? That is another story , I  will talk about that some other time but yes, I would love to visit  this place for my tryst with  Dolphins and if given a chance would dive underwater to experience a total  different world  where Goddess Aphrodite resides ..
I clicked on what else it has to offer and I saw pictures of castle, ford, shores, ships, mountains, museums, well, I was already holidaying in my thoughts but then if ever given a chance I would love to experience the fairytale story of Queen Sheba and would love to visit her fort and enjoy some time with my spiritual guides i.e. Dolphins…
Watching something on internet with the pictures is totally different until we bring that as an  experience into our lives…
Rest would write whenever I would visit this beautiful place called Salalah….