An angel as a gift

Once I sat with an angel to peep into my life story
With a confused mind I asked am I living in glory
I told him he is a gift to me from cloud nine
Sent to me to bring light
He said, Lighting up a life is a gift
Holding a story in your heart you live
Not everyone can do this
People die thousand deaths while living this life
Having an urge to live one more time
I asked my angel  to take my hand and to show me how to do this right
Take me to a land where magic conquers logic
A place where miracle is a belief
You ignite with love in it
Oh no he said you don’t need a magic to live this life
All you have to do is walk everyday on your chosen path with an invisible stick
A stick which is very well known as a mind in your world
Take a charge of it
Control it
Rule it
He has the capability to make you the monarch of your life
He can stop you in getting into worldly affairs which you disguise
That often gives you hicks
Let it show you what you want while directing it
I looked at the angel and said
Stick is my guiding light on the roads where I travel alone
Without encountering a single twist
It is my God’s gift but I do not understand how you are present in it
Angel smiled a little bit from the right and said,
All you need is someone to accompany your soul
On the lonely roads where your stick cannot chose your way on its own
I am like an invisible hand to walk your stick at those times
I being an angel sing songs of guidance to you every day, every minute, every time
That makes you live your life in bliss
All I do is sing songs which your soul yearn
You sing along while playing with your stick
And at that time you call my existence in your life” a gift “