Good bye till we meet again



I decided to walk on a different trail

Where I met sun flowers and green grass

And a path leading to my aim

I was walking forlornly but at peace

Forgetting and forgiving and giving up on grief

I was so contented that I decided to look back

Wondering people who promised me love

Would like to walk with me on this new healing track

I took few steps back to darkness

Where I found shadows of my lovers in dimness

I walked back a little to that dark shade

Extending my hand to them asking them to come on my trail

I thought I will take them out from that dark shell in which I too was once lost and gamed

Alas they were happy there helping evil playing her game

I sighed when I realized they are no more the same

My heart deep in regret was scared to move ahead in shame

I closed my eyes for a while and met my angel one more time

He asked me to leave those who were already left behind

Trust, time will unleash their lessons as you too were directed to yours

The way your torment soul was guided to this path their too will lead to God

Don’t look back they are not anymore your lovers from the heart

Their heart is taken over by mind

If someone needs you they will knock the door of your heart

To be part of your life and that will be a real friendship for you in this lifetime


p style=”margin:0 0 10pt;”>Till then follow your aim and trust me in light



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