The kindness of a stranger


When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!


It was a lazy Saturday Morning, I was not in a mood to get out from my bed when my cell phone rang, it was Airtel guys asking me to get my internet pack refill.  I ignored it and slept again, latter I saw my cell phone ringing continuously, who is it? The thought somewhat irritated me as I was in no mood to get out from the bed…  I checked my phone with my one eye open and it was a friend of mine I said hello with my lousy voice and he was shocked to hear my voice… What? you are sleeping? Haven’t you checked your what’s app?

What’s app what what’s app? Yes, that craziness in his voice made me get out of my bed to get my phone card recharged…

Hence, I reached  to a mobile store where there were more than 20 people were standing to get their card recharged, I sat on the chair waiting for my turn to come and as the mobile store guy knew me he made it an exception for me and got my card recharged instantly.. I was happy as I did not have to waste my time but then I felt someone was stroking my back that made me turn my head. It was a Labrador dog of someone, he was panting and looking at me, I smiled at him and stroke his head, he  in return stood up and hugged me with his paws and started crying…

Hello, whose dog was this? No one answered but everyone stared at me, I took his paws off my shoulders and stroke his head back and started walking, to my surprise, this dog followed me to my house.

I heard street stray dogs barking at him and I tried my best to help him find his way back but he refused to go back.

I was in dilemma, I have a little furry baby at home and now this huge big dog what do I do?

There was a stranger buying Vegetables… I would call him a known stranger as he is a student staying at the first floor of my house and I had seen his face earlier too it was easy for me to recognize him. I usually do not talk to these students as most of them are troublemakers, though I have given them names… one of them is monkey as at 11 pm exactly I wonder why he starts jumping in his room and I can not sleep and if by chance I am asleep his stupidity awakes me.

The other one is jumping jack, he gets out of the house exactly at one am wearing rubber slippers and jumping on the stares and sometimes my little puppy gets awake because of his noise so all the guys have names but I don’t know them by face … neither I get out to see who is who at whatever time.

This guy, I have seen him plenty of times giving food to strays so never named  him…

So where were we, this stranger dared to walk with that huge Labrador along with me of course because the Labrador refused to budge without me, we walked and checked half of the area but no one recognized him as their dog and above that he refused to leave my place.

The stranger and I decided to let him be out in the balcony and we would give him food till we call our friends or NGO’s who could help us…

Time kept on moving, my little puppy was barking loudly and I tried to get this Labrador in. My Sultan who is very friendly he started playing with the big guy,  they both were playing until Sultan showed him where he sleeps and then the fight began.

Being alone at house at that time with my mom we both could do nothing but to shout on top of our voice as it was difficult for us to control them and my little poochee was under that huge Labrador crying..

I ran upstairs to call this stranger without thinking that he has a life of his own and he has things to do and this stranger full of requital aura ran along with me and controlled the Labrador, he even went out asking if anyone would keep this Labrador and one family was ready to take him along but then at the last moment they refused.

Half of the day, I was out in the sun with this stranger finding his owner and this Labrador was playing and was happy along the way. We were at the stage of abnegation it was already one pm I had not taken my bath, my plans for the weekend got cancelled, my own cocker spaniel was restless above of all my parents were shouting on me as if it is all my fault ..

Suddenly, the maid who worked in our house saw this Labrador and immediately recognized who was he and where his owner lived, we went there only to see that they were enjoying their Saturday latter when asked about the lost dog the frown came on the owners face but he took him back around 2 anyway.

We helped that Labrador by finding a loving home later on and he has well settled in his new home but then I can never forget and can never stop thanking this stranger and now a known guy with a beautiful name “Rahul” who helped me on that one fine Saturday….

P. Sà Mr. Rahul celebrated his birthday on 11th May, since he helped me I would love to dedicate this post to him on his birthday. May the kindness in you keep on inspiring others to make this world a better place to live in..  Gracias






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