My happy 100 Days challenge

Tomorrow, I would be completing my challenge to stay happy for 100 days. Though I do not write on weekends, I chose my 99th day to be a tribute to that.
First of all, thanks to Iva who dragged me into this challenge and more over a big thanks to myself that I accepted this challenge to remain happy for 100 days without making anyone jealous.
I have noticed that I have experienced misery and sadness too in-between these days but since subconsciously I intended to be happy so that I can finish my challenge with a smile that sad moment instantly turned into happy moment. May be because I chose to be happy and people around me, my family, friends, and colleagues and not to forget even my boss had been part of this 100 days journey.
Whether it is all about missing my daddy and his stories (grandfather) or my colleague bringing my favorite sweet ( Besan ke laddo )for me in the office to celebrate his happiness, my father making pinnes for me during winters, getting up late during weekends, enjoying 3rd cup of tea on Sundays, connecting with my tarot cards, attending my best friend’s wedding, Clicking picture while walking on the road and writing haikus, enjoying comments on my work from my fellow writers and readers , celebrating and playing blocks with neighbor’s child, enjoying swings and pampering my inner child, waking up at 5 am only to play with my furry boy sultan , enjoying the color of my lipstick and what more.. It was truly fun
And I wish this fun time remains for me forever.  
May every day I find something to be happy and grateful for… Thank you to whosoever made this challenge.. oh!  By the way wait for tomorrow’s last picture upload..