Dog is the other name of God

Once I met a pet dog
Roaming around searching for love
He stroked my back me with his nose
As I turned
He hugged me with his paws
And roared
I understood he was in pain
But what did he want from me
The question was shaking my brain
I passed on a smile and walked away
Turned back only to see he is following my way
Who are you handsome boy
Looks like your master is lost
Is that the reason you cry?
I struggled hard to find his owner
Only to witness no chemistry between the dog and the master
Later the story I was told by the neighbors was disaster
How can someone be so cruel?
Was the question wandered on my psyche?
Bringing tears to my eyes
Living in this world where every second person call himself a dog lover
Broke my heart thousand times
When they ignored his story which I covered
With a heart howling unspoken fears
No wonder this incident moved me from inside
I saw a reality and an unpleasant sight
Where the world talks about doing good deeds
When it comes to action they all hide themselves
Like a living but standing still banyan tree…