I can’t stay mad at you



A star twinkled in front of my eye

When I thought about you after a long time

The presence of love between us was so shy

That it ruined the happiness in disguise

I kept on searching mirth in you

Ignoring faults, imperfection and selfishness

You guard yourself with these impurities in you

People told me once but I failed to realize that it is true

Alas your presence in my life had to last

As nothing stays aghast

I recalled crying for long

As I was hurt

I was crushed

And I was killed by your deeds and words

The negative aura hugged me so strong

I cursed you with every single breath

Like a sad doll

Disregarding life scrolls on even if you keep yourself hooked

I now realize your love was too weak for me

Not the way it looked

For I am my own lover my own guiding light

God bought me in this world to love not to fight

Till now, whenever your sight passes me by

I realize my lesson behind our meeting

I feel no hatred, no love now even if you kiss me

For I am my own lover passionately in love with me

Bidding your weak love good bye

Is the only solution to get rid from the prison of agony…





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