A sad movie


Once I met a lover who turned out to be my enemy

I loved him so dearly

Alas his unhappiness affected my heart deeply

He could not rejoice in me

Smiling was sin in his imaginary city

He kept on killing me with his words and deeds

I became so stressed that it was difficult for me to breath

Negative vibes were dancing on my head

Positive thoughts and deeds could not effect

I learnt to be mad

I learnt to be sad

I learnt all what was HE

Till I looked into the mirror accidently

I saw my beautiful eyes

I recalled my dimpled smile

Why I have to be what is HE

Was the question my reflection asked me…

Pondering on that thought I realize

His love was a weak choice

Loving me is more important

To be blithe and mirthful in my imaginary community

I returned back to what was I

Forgetting him as a lesson

A bad movie which crossed my eye

I now realize how I can be mad at thee


p style=”margin:0 0 10pt;text-align:justify;”>After all loving me is stronger than your weak love to keep me happy



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