Supporting education


I enjoy writing when it comes to poems or fairytales but this is the first time in my life where I am writing about a real story.

Well, I was getting this alert from Indi blogger for a long time to complete the half story. First of all, I was not aware of what exactly this half story is all about, however I kept on ignoring and finally when for the third time I got this alert I asked a friend of mine who is also a blogger about this half story.

I logged on and read that this Half Story is about a passionate principal, who runs a humble 3-room school, nestled among the mountains on the Indo-Nepal border, in a place called Megma. Despite shaky benches, faded and cracked blackboards and weak infrastructure, the students still walk in with huge smiles on their face. The principal, who despite retiring last year, still continues to teach them free of cost, and says that he, will do this for the rest of his life,

Wow, that was actually fascinating actually when I logged on to the YouTube to understand it more in a better way I chose to write about it. Moreover my mind took me to an end of the movie “All is well” where Amir Khan opens an engineering school for kids near Ladhak….

I am attaching the link for all of you to look at this slide. I also, realize that they want us to write about it so that the story reaches to maximum number of people and the aid could be given to help them have every child educated even though they are in remote areas.

It is amazing that Chandrakumar Pradhan is running a one man army show at the Indo-Nepal Border

I realize the wants to make him run his school is stationary, furniture as in benches and black boards however when I looked at the video my heart and mind were more interested on the needs of this school.

This school needs expansion, more teachers, more classes and moreover a government aid.

I am sure there are many hidden remote areas with such kind of schools around India where government aid is needed.

If I can contribute my bit by sharing his story and if this could bring him help in the expansion of his school or with the donations which would help students to have their uniforms, bags and other stuff I would feel that I have done my bit in helping Chandrakumar Pradhan in keeping his dream alive for educating every child to make India a better place to live in…

I feel happy when I help someone and as my guru said real happiness lies in making others happy so here I go by contributing my bit by helping him to live his dream by sharing his story to all those who enjoys reading my blogs.


To dream is easy but to implement your dream in reality is what counts… this is what I feel…  I wish Chandra Kumar Pradhan all the best in educating Children…


To contribute through donations you can log on to the link below


This post is a part of #DoRight contest. To help others like Chandra Kumar Pradhan please log on to the website mentioned below…



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