Dust in the Wind


I was a particle in that world

Wanting to experience this world

I was born as a baby

Holding an invisible bucket of emotions

I threw some as they were heavy

They returned to me in the form of agony

I experienced them as I bought them along with me

I let them go by forgiving and feeling sorry

I moved ahead in time

I realize my bucket was more than half empty

I kept on walking and throwing all I was left with

Experiencing and living my lessons as a gift

Once I was dreaming

I met an angel asking me to fill my empty bucket with my wants and needs

As the time was too short before I became dust with the wind

I woke up with a thought that kept me thinking

What do I want?

What do I need?

I realized that I have lived a contented life

All I need was the journey back to my true home indeed

I was ready to be a dust in the wind

Where no experience mattered

No relations hurt

Nothing was important

Only love mattered





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