The Five Things

Looks like a happy and relaxed day for me today as my boss is out of town and I don’t have any pending work and on top the word press daily post has given us 5 prompts to write about along…
 So, if boss is not around and my table is clear with the pending I don’t give a shit about gossips going on outside my room, it is simple just lock yourself and do what makes you happy and writing makes me very happy oh by the way that reminds me that I am following #100HAPPYDAYS and today is my 77th day. Let this blog be dedicated to my 77th day of happiness.
Here I go with the prompts
1.       The last thing that made you mad.
Once upon a time I was in love with anger
He used to make love with my mind with so many negative vibes
I kept on loving him in every phase of my life
Loosing friends and kicking asses of those who made me angry
Was my favorite past time
However with time we broke up bidding each other good bye
It was looong time back or shall I say once upon a time, I don’t enjoy getting mad anymore instead I deep breathe and let it be…
1.       Your typical childhood lunch.
I can’t remember my school lunch boxes however I have a memory of a time when I was in  4thor 5th standard and I tried making pancakes as mentioned in my text book of course with the help of my neighbor as during daytime I used to be alone . After all I was a daughter of working parents. Anyway, those pan cakes were much appreciated by my cat and how can I not forget those words of mamma banging in my mind “Don’t you dare to go near the gas little girl” Trust me, I still recall her words and stay away from Kitchen.
1.       An ode to an object.
Ahh! I remember when I started working; I took my very first break and went to Shimla. I bought things for all my colleagues, never knew that gifts are given for cajoling cause till date if I give a gift it is only when my heart pushes me. Anyway, at that time I bought a lovely key chain for myself with it has a saying “NO BOYFRIEND NO TENSION”… it went missing within few days but I still miss that one after all that saying was so right.
1.       Self-psychoanalysis via your bookshelf or Spotify playlists.
Humm, I am very fond of reading from Sufism to psychology. From romance to anything which keeps my thought process intriguing.
I loved many lives, many masters by Brian Weiss and if someone asks me I can still sit down and re read it as I often used to compare myself and my insecurities with the character called Catherine.
Also, Solomon’s Angels of Doreen Virtue, I can compare my character with Queen Sheba. As the way she was described I could actually see myself in her however that is another story that this queen is still searching for her Solomon.
1.       A mad lib.
I really want my readers to communicate with me and if this is the way then so be it.
Suggest me on what topic my focus should be
A.      Love
B.      Spirituality
C.      Romance
D.      Psychology
What do you enjoy the most on my blogs?
A.      Poetry
B.      Love stories
C.      My routine thoughts
D.      My follow up on my prompts