Third Rate Romance

Once I met a guy
He was delight to my eye
I saw all the qualities of my prince charming in him
That I was seeking from long time
He looked at me with his eyes smiling
I knew he was the right number I was dialing
I made my move with a smile
He acknowledge me with a hug that was tight
His touch was wonderful
He made me felt light
We let our words converse through our eyes
I was sure that he was my cutie pie
The moment was so right
To show the world that Fairytales do exist in this time
My heart sang symphony of love and shine
He unlocked his lips
Only to bid me good bye
As I turned back thinking what happened and why
I saw him holding another handsome guy
Oh my heart broke thousand times
Why all handsome man is either married or gay
Which I tend to meet in this life time
Romance has ended brutally in my life