When Will I Be Loved?

I dreamt of being famous one night
Loosing myself into my dream
I saw plenty of lovers all around
Dying for my sight
I was wearing long red evening gown
Waving so many of them all over the town
I dreamt of being famous that night
Where everything seemed to be perfectly all right
I could not take my eyes from my dress and my smile that night
Who was I?
What was I famous for?
All were questions I was asking myself again and again in my dreams that night
Following myself I saw a luxurious car which I was driving
Am I a sports woman?
I again asked myself in plight
Dream kept on going
I reached my home
 that was a palace of gold
The sight was so full of delight
Where is this place I again asked myself?
Forgetting it’s a dream and I cannot hear my own self
I kept on getting inside the dream by stepping inside that Palace that night
A handsome lover was waiting for me to love me tight
I looked at him and glanced my reflection into the mirror with pride
How it felt to be famous and wanted all the time
Am I being loved by them was the question I kept on asking myself in plight
Soon the dream got fast forwarded and I saw myself old in that same sight
With diamonds on my fingers and neckline
I was old yet beautiful witnessing my reflection in the mirror one more time
That was the time that I witnessed a horrid scene playing in my life
My eyes were watery and all I had was money by my side
There was loneliness residing in that palace of gold and I was dying
I was looking at my reflection and asking the same question which was on my mind
Was I loved or was it fame and money that made people stay by my side?
I woke up in distress asking God the same question in my thoughts as the sun rise
When will I be loved?
When will time play its game right?