Wasted days and Wasted nights

Last night when I was sitting on my rocking chair
Swinging and gazing at the wall
Clearing my mind with worries and care
Bidding good bye too many unwanted guests
Living in my brain for long which leads to nowhere…
I witnessed an unwanted guest who refused to go
I was fumbled with her show
She said her name is Melancholy she enjoys my company
She wanted to play with my symphony
Yes, Melancholy tried to be a friend of mine
When I told her I am already guided by divine
She poured so many queries into my cup of thoughts
That made me wonder what I seek in this life as a bequest from god
She was loquacious and wanted to be on top
I told her I want my focus to be strong
When she questioned my efficacy towards my focus
I told her I practice every day every minute
In my heart with locus
She laughed out loud
She was adamant to be around
She told me she enjoys my symphony of heart
She said she will not let me focus
Because she enjoys playing larks
Listen to me carefully she said
I am more than god
In this world of hate
You have a life which you lead with humdrum
It is easy to fool you humans
With one thought that makes you lazy bum
You leave your routine in a minute
Giving yourself into some curb
I am meant to be with you she said it with full vigor
Cause you cannot lead yourself anywhere in this world
I will be around you as a mistake
Shame or as a lazy bird
I have many names which unhappiness can date
You will lose your focus and stay in my air
Without knowing where you are leading your way
I am the one you have to choose as your friend she said
She was strong and determined and I was scared
Doubting my faith in divine for a second, seeking wants
I closed my eyes once and looked into my heart
Divine shined towards the gift that I want
I unlocked my eyes with a desire to be focused and strong
I told her I am full of focus nothing can frayed me apart
The time I lead to other humdrums
I am strong to watch my guidance from above
You cannot be my friend but guest indeed
Till I be perfect to fail your larks
In the form of temptations that kills
You deserve to be friend of evil
Cause divine jingles in my heart
Negative entities can be guest for a day
I am strong enough to stop their larks
I will use them to help me gain
My gift from above
Which I wanted for long
That is focus
Leading life towards charm and happy thoughts