Make me Smile

I met this blah feeling once upon a time
I refused to sync my thoughts
I refused to rhyme
Waiting for the happiness to knock my door
I played lark with darkness with horrid sights
Crying and cribbing was my favorite pastime
When I met this blah feeling once upon a time
Slowly I found myself lonely in the prison of anxiety and crime
I tried to run away but ended up scratching walls of distress from time to time
What do I do?
Where do I go?
Who should I approach for the feelings were dismissing my presence and wanting my soul to fly
Away in darkness forever this time
With so many things going on my mind
Considering every friend my foe
Watching them as my enemy and ho!
Thinking hard where did I go wrong
I was unknowingly praying hard to look outside the door
An angel came to my rescue
Guiding me to my existence which I left behind
In-between complaints and cribbing with time
He made me realize
I am my foe fighting with the enemy in my mind
I must let go of who and what and enjoy my time
All my misery is the part of this game called life
That you chose
That you decide
Live life with another point of view this time
Chose to pray for the teachers in the form of enemies
Chose to help those who are troubled
Help blinds to see the world from your sight
Help surviving those who find it hard to survive
There is so much misery in the world my child
Stop thinking about yourself every time
Just try to make someone’s day with your smile
And this blah feeling will vanish from your sight
From that day i am smiling and giving everybody my smile J