I live on this globe
Where we build our nests from bricks and woods
I live on this planet earth
Where we call our nest our home
We too put loads of love and emotions along with cement
To make it look wonderful in all events
I too live in a nest with thousands around
I too have a house with front door to welcome everyone
And a back door too from where I enjoy the sounds
Sounds of birds and pigeons sitting on the plants
Sounds of people passing by every minute every hour
I choose to open the back door of my house
When I need rest and to enjoy the sun shining from above to our ground
I have a little garden where plants resides
My puppy often tears them with his sharp bites
He enjoys watching people like me
Sometimes purposely he throws his toys outside
To get noticed by the people transiting with a smile
Sometimes he takes his little mouth out from the gate
Sniffing people passing by
I enjoy the back door more as I open it
To give energy to my plants with loads of love in it
I enjoy spending time alone
Not lonely though
But I love my home with the back door
Where birds chirp, plants dance, sun shines and my puppy playing with his toys