Living this life


Here I am lying on the bed

With tubes in my mouth

They think I am dead

May be I am in their thoughts

Coz now I am an old woman

Who no one wants

Once I built a nest with my husband

Living our lives together in abundance

I recalled being a beautiful bride

Proved myself as the magnificent wife

My beauty was incomparable at that time

People often used to squat in front of me like I am divine

With my chin up I used to walk around like a queen

Abandoning my relations with those who played with me when I was a little child

Slowly from a wife I became a mother

I walked on to a step further

Soon our nest was filled with little birds

Those tiny beings were our world

With our love and care we nurtured them

They were our prince and princess

Our world together with them was like a sparkling gem

Then suddenly my king left this world

Leaving me alone I was shattered and cold

My princess took care of me at that time

But she flew away with her destiny in time

I was again lonely and crying

Wondering what my life was

I tried to make connections with those

Who I abandoned in pride

I was ashamed and I was losing my beauty

All I have was plenty of diamonds and dimes

Love was not near to me

My heart refused to shine

I was isolated in a dark room

Where all I had was a ghastly stench

This was cleaned by my servants from time to time

The only face who entertained me was of my servant

Prince and princess were far behind

 I missed their attention

In that dark room and at horrid nights all I could do was to think about the happy times

Memories of my husband made me live my life

I have played all the roles God wanted me to be

I have been a good wife

I have burnished every ones lives

I took care of my kids

I took care of my grand child

What do I have to do now?

Wait for the death which can make me reunite

With the love that I time lost in time

I could not see light

My relationship contract with everyone was almost over

My mind refused to work

All I could remember once I was a beautiful dame

Once I had lived a story of love

Building my nest now I am nothing but an old woman full of shame

Living in that dark room leading a lonely life

Disease and Agony chose to be my  best friends

They promised to be by my side till the end

Once I was a beautiful queen

Now I am a lonely Old woman wanting to be loved by my birdies

Alas they are busy in their own life nurturing the nest they built minus me

Here I am lying on the bed

With tubes in my mouth

They think I am dead

Am I really dead?

Maybe in their lives






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