I had to leave you….

I met many crossroads in my life
Some were sad and some were full of delight
Some were forced and some were desired
I met many crossroads in my life
Looking back few chapters of my life
I saw myself changing from time to time
My looks, my thoughts, my needs and my desire
I kept on moving from this to that
Never thought I am changing with delight
I was born as baby
Soon I became a sister
I kept on meeting many relations time to time
Soon the time came where I was searching for my Mister


I saw you once my golden charmer
I remember I loved you with every beat of my heart that summer
But you broke my heart with your words like a hammer
And now you are no one but a known coward
I chose to move on from one lover to another
Transition gave me thousand deaths
I was muzzled at your departure
Leading my life in distress
Only to meet my best
I realize now that this was all a test
You were meant to meet me
In the form of lover or enemy
I was too meant to be a chapter of your life
We were bonded to finish the lessons of our past lives
I had to leave you at a crossroad where we both could shine.
My journey to find my Mister moved ahead with time
I met many crossroads in my life
Some bought me sadness some bought me delight
But I am happy with the change now
It makes my soul more Vibrant and full of glow
It makes me so full of light
I am looking forward to new delight
In the form of a new crossroad in my life
Where I would be happy one more time
I realize  I had to leave you for my progress in time