Crossroads of my life

I was born as a girl child
My surrounding rejoiced
I was welcomed with much delight
I was blank towards the future
I was learning different emotions
Muzzling with the nature in garden once
I looked at my life in morsel
With my eyes full of ocean
Remembering people who just vanished with time
Once the reason of their presence were over
They refused to shine
I laughed at those instances where I cried
Kaput relations
Amassed insults
A heavy heart full of Cavil
Where and how I moved from time to time
Friends and Foe
Forgetting everything and moving ahead with time
I realize now they were crossroads of my life
Learning the stratagem of God
Where my soul got what it needed not what it wanted
I was confounded with the image of mine
Where I was wantonly living my life
They were those to direct my sight
Some in the form of despicable being
Some in the form of Angel by my side
I had to leave them with time
At the cross roads of my life
To make my soul shine
Leading to the direction where God wanted me to go
I had to decide some times with force, some time with love, sometimes with anger in my heart
I had to leave them at the crossroad where they could lead theirs and I could lead mine
A journey called life