A gift


When I was typing this title I had a story in my mind but nevertheless sometimes real stories do give meaningful effect to your life.

As I have been following Iva’s birthday challenge, for me, writing everyday for her till 14th March would be a gift to her. I hope she enjoys my gift of words.

So I am following today’s Challenge of day 8 &9 respectively, where she wanted to know about the worst present someone I know has ever got or if ever I had given an awful present to anyone.


I strongly believe that the gift is one of the languages of love. When you gift something to someone you must be in the state of awe.

Whereas I have seen people do give gift to trouble others or to make others feel tart. I vividly remember a very heart breaking and shameful event where someone very close to me was hurt badly by a good friend through a gift.

In India, when people cannot find anything to gift they buy statues of god and goddess and gift to others saying they will protect you which I find cheap, stupid and meaningless. I am sorry if I am hurting any emotionally religious person but this is utterly non sense.

What if that particular God or Goddess ruling some negative energy in that person’s horoscope and you gift them the statue just because you feel that this god cannot harm anyone. It’s time that people change their thinking.


“God does not reside in statues, he resides in your heart” so stop watching too many movies and stop following a particular Hindi movie “Dil to Pagal hai” where a dance teacher gifts statue of God to her student. Really, people are too good to pick up these things through movies.

So I was telling you about this darling of mine who was going through a very low phase because she lost her father and there comes Christmas where we forced her to go to the office so that she could overcome her depression though she is still taking sessions for her depression .

In their office they played a secret Santa role for colleagues where her own so called best friend turned out to be her worst enemy. She was very loud and clear that she does not want any God or Goddess statue also she does not want photo frames after all they are useless and good for nothing.( by the way it is better to gift a toffee if you cannot find anything good )

Well, ask and ye shall be given. She was gifted a picture frame along with the statue of God. Well, I guess that was not enough for that man… He escalated that issue and to hurt her more along with another friend who called himself her brother made fun of her deceased father stating that they both saw her father in their dreams and he was worshiping this particular lord.

I not only found that cheap and cheesy but yes I also wish that in whatever way these two nasty guys tried to trouble her and bought her more of grief must get there shit back soon.

Oh I am angry and very angry while writing this as a gift has lost its value these days and people often give gifts to trouble others or to take happiness from them.


I love giving gifts but whenever I give a gift I make sure that the gift that I am giving must bring smile on other’s face.

Hence that was a bad experience I had to share and I personally know who these two guys are  and I would not forgive them at least not now….

To follow up with the challenge 9 simultaneously, let me write a poem on gift only


p align=”center”>A life is a gift


A life we live is a gift from another life

Who had strived hard to rejoice their happiness in us with time

Why trouble yourself with the thoughts others give

Why not rejoice on what your own thinks

When you exult

The life which gave birth to you also smiles

Unfortunately, you mess yourself too much in your own thoughts

That you cannot acknowledge yourself as the miracle you are born to someone

They bought in this world out of love

They celebrate their own lives

With your touch, care and your happy smiles

When you would be old enough to give birth to a life

You would find the same feeling of being left behind

When your own would refuse to acknowledge love in their lives

Time is now to accept the love of your loved ones for you

Cause once they decides go back to their true home

You would never find them again in this earth

 To let them know how much your love is true for them in this  world

Live your gift called life

After all it is nurtured with much love and happiness by living god called parents by your side









  1. I am very much enjoy your gift of words ❤ and I am happy that I know such thoughtful blogger 🙂

    I'm sorry for your friend, there is no excuse for being rude and hurtful, especially when the person that is directed to is vurnelable in any way… I hope she got through it and realised that she does not need those kind of people in her life 🙂


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