Happy Birthday Honey

Living under the sea for long
Watching humans and experiencing their emotions strong
I felt curious to be one of them
Love came easily to me as a dolphin
What could be love like when I would be born as human?
I sent my request to take birth as human being to the angel of sea
My wish was granted and I was born as a baby girl to mamma and papa on March the fourteenth
As a baby I remember I used to watch Spiderman on TV
Wondering how he can make webs to make people happy
I wanted to be an adult soon
I wanted to marry Spiderman I often used to tell this to my mummy
Mamma used to bake  my favorite cheese cake on my birthdays
Telling me you would find the best man my honey
Now I am a young and  beautiful woman who is ready to marry
Searching my Spiderman I invoked for my lover in hurry
Meeting man forming nasty web around me bought me loads of agony
I had almost given on my call for my Spiderman in my story
Until one day  I came across a handsome sturdy man called Johnny
As I gazed into his eyes
I recognized him as my dolphin lover
He made me recall our love for each other with a ring I left with him
When I wanted my journey as a dolphin to be over
He said his love for me was strong
Water world looked empty without your presence around
He requested to angel of sea to help him meet me
When he saw me in distress
Leading human life lonely
Angels helped both of us to reunite after a century
Sitting near the water watching dolphins dancing as a reminder
That true love would dive with you acknowledging your emotions
He bought my favorite cheese cake for me
It’s your birthday today again Iva my honey
Let’s celebrate it as a day of love
I.e. march the fourteenth