See you in my dreams



I love my dreams and my nightmares too after all they all have a message. Sometimes or many times our subconscious mind travels on astral level and with great certitude we call it a dream.

I have read in a book call the power of subconscious mind that if you want something then just think about it or imagine it 15 minutes before crashing into the bed. It is said that when we sleep our subconscious mind travels on astral level and meet our higher self to get an answer of our needs and wants and that is the reason sometimes when we wake up either we are irritated or we are happy too much. And many times we do not remember what we were dreaming about.  If you have not noticed that yet then please do…

When we are irritated it means that the talk on the astral level was not very much successful with our higher self in short, we refused to heed on to the advice given to us.

In one of the Doreen Virtue’s book it is said that before sleeping it is very necessary for us to cut our etheric or popularly known as silver chords with the day we lived otherwise we end up dreaming or rather say repeating the same drama in our sleep and night would be a total waste.

I constantly read about angels and arch angels and espied that many times whatever written in the books and my research on dreams are true.

I remember a nightmare, few years’ back I constantly used to have that nightmare. It was one of my most low periods of life in 2009… in my dreams I used to feel that I am awake and a woman with a dirty face came and slept with me and  I could feel the fear ..she used to dig her finger deep into my skin and with my heart racing fast and my breath and voice choking I used to take that out (that was quite courageous I now realize) but somehow that negative dream and the face had such an impact on my psyche that my sleeping pattern got disturbed however, I was helped by God in his own mysterious ways that is another story.

But then it is necessary to recall your dream every morning as it needs practice. One of my friend, who is also a healer taught me to immediately write what you saw in your dreams and if you are unable to recall just keep on writing whatever words strike your psyche and you would relate to it when you will re read it. I used to have a dream journal but somehow now I don’t keep journals since my tiny puppy eats everything I keep by the side of my bed.

Recently, for past two days I was dreaming as I was in a class room and not paying attention to what teacher is saying and tiny girl comes to me and says see you are scared of me and I am telling her that I am not. I don’t know what it means but it is repeating now and then wonders what message lies behind it…



I have written this short poem with my imaginations. Hope you enjoy reading it too.

Dreams come and go

Leaving me a message

That sometimes makes me high

Sometimes low

I don’t know whether the dreams I see are legit

I don’t know whether the characters I dream about are active

All I know I enjoy my sleep

I wait for the night to come and to sweep me away to another world

Where no problem exists

Sometimes the drama of my life I foresee

That makes me smile with deep breathe

Dreams come and go

Leaving me a message

That sometimes makes me high

Sometimes low


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