A Significant turn in my life

Hi! I am Shetall. I have lived a journey too. Once I had a dream to be a writer. I faced many obstacles in my story of life but eventually I got what I wanted how? Read on to my thoughts on my journey to be a writer…
Lessons are part of life and lessons of life make us who we are today. Dreaming about being a writer I lead my life carelessly. I walked on the path of writing poetries from very young age but that too for friends gifting to their beloved  or shall I say crushes after all it is not easy to meet your true love while you are in your adolescent period? Not for me though anyways I felt good after all somebody enjoys what I wrote. Slowly from school to college and from college I followed a profession where my job was to communicate with a smile every day, my writing became off and on after all now I was a working woman and I hardly had time to write and for whom? I forgot what I was following “My aim “ to be a writer one day. In the hush bush of earning great amount of money,  came responsibilities and then of course every girl wants to get married at the early age and I too wanted that but the dream shattered as I kept on giving my heart to wrong men. Some where I closed the doors of my heart and followed spirituality. None the less, spirituality took me to some other realm, my interest in writing was slowly vanishing off but then something worse happened to me it was in 2009 when I had to resign from my Job because my boss was a big trashy woman who being married did not let me marry the man who proposed me. After all she had a crush on him and her jealousy when stirred hard  with other fellow colleagues and a best friend of mine( a best friend after all I used to trust people with closed eyes) blew my mind. Had to leave my job but then a broken heart had no story and no beginnings and no endings…I guess I cried and then I met my all time lover my diary and a pen I  wrote my heart out in the form of poetry. That poetry was in my personal diary and in 2012, my mother while discarding old stuff came across my diary and she read it very carefully and asked me to publish that.
Are you alright mum? Who would be interested in poems and that too written by me?
No I am serious. Your poems are the true form of guidance and I have been admiring your poems since you were in class 2. You are blessed to be a writer pursue your goal in life my darling.
She took out my copy where I had scribbled a wonderful Hindi poem I created then while in class 2 though the paper had lost its charms but my mother kept that paper with her for long and I was amazed after reading my own poem..
I spoke to my face book friend who resides in UK and he guided me to e-book publisher i.e. Amazon.
Something in my heart said make your mother’s day go for it after all its free and even though no body likes it  my  family did. Do it for them.
Without having knowledge of what writing world is all about I went ahead and published my first e book in June 2012 called “Love beyond Veils”. To my amazement people not only bought my book but flooded me with compliments on my writing. Sure it was a boost to me. I wanted to be a writer at the back of my mind and somebody admired my thoughts. Somebody unknown likes me for who I am..
Without realizing where I was leading to I had already taken a step towards my dream I kept on participating in contests for fun and that lead me to meet few wonderful and genius writers. I guess now my thoughts were aligned and I was getting what I wanted because I gave my focus to my dream. A dream which helped me meets me- myself.
I may not be a genius writers like others. I may make mistakes in my grammar and my punctuations but then I am learning and everyday with every blog I read ,I learn. I learn from my experience of what this world is all about and I learn from other’s experience too which makes me realize that misery was not just my friend once but everybody now and then faces downfall but to stand up and face this world again needs courage and I am glad somewhere in between I learnt that I am courageous too..  Life is all about lessons and when you will follow your dreams you would stumble and meet obstacles and at times your focus would go haywire but trusting in your self and the guidance coming from above would take you where you want to go..
In this life time
Once I questioned my soul
Where am I leading
What is my motive?
Why I am back to this world again
So many questions in my mind
Dancing in the tunes of lessons everyday
I worked hard to meet myself in the form of goals
I realized I m too an angel in someone’s life
Even though my heart was broken many times
Leaning towards misery and sorrow for long only made delay for me to shine
It took courage to wake up one more time
Smiling back to this world
To fulfill all my dreams while I am awake
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