Don’t you forget about me



Today’s word is Legacy. What would I leave to this world when my time would come to depart. To the world I am no one but for few I am the world.

In “my” world, I have my family, friends and most important my enemies after all they did their best to kill me many times Alas! Hehehee. So I would leave something for each one of you. My trinkets, my photos, my clothes, my slippers, my bank balance all the materialistic things for all those who want it. To the world who counts me as a part of their world I would leave my blogs , my poems, the books I have written and the one I am currently writing so that whenever you miss me I would be a click away from you all 😉


To my enemies, hahaa you must be happy that your mission got accomplished at last but don’t you worry I would keep on haunting you till I decide to take a rebirth and yes I would leave my anger for you. So that you laugh till your tummy hurts…and do not follow me in my next birth.


To my family, I would leave my laughter, My habits, My memories , My prayers , My love and of course the last moment I would live with them which would tinkle their thoughts whenever they would think of me. I do not want them to be sad or anyone to be sad when I leave. I want to be a happy memory.

And before you all forget me I would come again in new form to bring smile to your faces



So here is a short poem on my departure from this world.


Don’t you forget me

It’s my plea

Time will play its turn and I would be a memory

Keep me in your thoughts till you get old and weary

Love me in your memory to make you happy

It that becomes very sticky

Recall my stupid anger now and then

That would make you hate me

For a while of course cause once I was your charming lady

I pass my love to you as my legacy

Treasure it in your thoughts

Lock them in your heart with happy memories

Coz this is all I have to give you

Before leaving this world my honey

I would come back again in another form

With the new body, new thought, new name and new love

Till then keep my precious jewel called love

Coz this is all I have to leave you with as my legacy



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