Karma bounce back



Oh! I love Karma; I truly believe that it is in giving that we receive whether it is love, happiness or a hug.  Karma plays a big role in our lives. We all live by to complete a circle with each other so that we can put a full stop with the same learning with the same person who would indeed keep on meeting us in our other lives to come.

Personally, I have encountered so many instances where Karma played a big role. My higher self often reminds me and helps me to get out of this vivacious circle.

It is like we keep on forming circles without realizing that we are stuck. I pray for the well being of my enemies which you might feel kind of a stupid gesture but this way I send them pure vibes for selfish reasons. Reasons which do not make them meet again in this life or in others to come or vice versa. Praying for forgiveness and giving forgiveness sometimes makes your life easy.

<a href=I do tithing not as a duty but with all my heart and not  just for one particular thing but for many which I would not like to disclose but yes that makes my heart chakra shine.

It’s good to make others happy so that you can lead your life happily and those who trouble you well they are fighting with their own karmic records leave them and be with those who like you or who are like you. After all like attracts like isn’t it?

As I took birth into this physical world

Forgetting what lessons I want to repeat

For going back to heaven up above

I kept on meeting teachers in the form of enemies

I kept on getting guidance from my spirit guides

With a sign leading me more towards my own ecstasy

I lived, I loved, and I detested this world

I forgive; I prayed and kept on moving unknowingly towards my goal

They call it as a theory of karma

For what I would give come back to me

So here I am standing in front of you giving you all my love

So here I am holding you tight in my prayers

Asking God to guide you from heaven up above

So here I am being your Angel in distress

And guide in moments which you fail to love

Take my hand and let us together finish this vivacious circle of karma

Spreading happiness all over

 Bidding good bye to jealousy, hatred and welcoming love……






11 thoughts on “Karma bounce back

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  2. but most of the times we tend to get angry with people u irritate us or something of that sort…its hard sometimes to forgive them at that point…but as time passes by , we forgive them gradually


    1. yeah true. I agree. But it is just that one moment but then later on you have to make them rest in peace . No use of digging graves it would only spread smell, dirt and unhappiness :). Have a good day today


  3. And what you have done for other people that don’t show appreciation for your time and efforts to put them. To the places of success and happiness they are in because of you! So without the appreciation,thank you or return of gratitude deserved to you in return, may what they aint done take them back to before they had the honour of meeting your great self. Karma Boomerang. Yes you know who you are!


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