Valentine’s day fever

Love fest is all around in the form of valentine.  It is like God has commanded his angels to throw bit of a love portion around. Few drops of pink liquid called love on this world and ho! For a while, no stress, no animosity and no jealousy would be entertained till love fest is over and after that J you humans can go back to your normal negative walls abusing my favorite word called love for filling up your physical wants. Funny isn’t it? Why we cannot carry on with this feeling of being loved or being in love all the time.
For me, love is different. I see loads of lonely souls around, some are single and some are married but they are lonely somewhere and taking this Valentine’s week as the most depressive week. Singles are carving for the feeling of love whereas married are concerned with their reputation and a show off of cards and teddy bears and flowers and what not. They are all set to show off by sending things to themselves yeah! Look our partner loves us so much even after so many years heehaw never mind in this also unknowingly but you choose to love yourself. … I recently came to know that people flaunt their fake love too. Sorry if any one felt offended. Well, being a single and waiting for Mr. Right to manifest, I missed so many seasons to celebrate the feeling called love… As I grew up  I realized that love resides inside us. You are waiting for someone to come and show you how much you mean to them and yes, some might flatter you for a while but then if you genuinely won’t get up and show love to someone then they are busy too in their own dream world wanting you to do the same. Hence you end up with depressive thoughts… Why ruin your mood with so much of expectations around.
As an old saying goes” It is in giving that you receive”. Go ahead make someone feel loved and wanted and enjoy your week by bringing smile on someone’s face and you would notice your heart would shine with  thousands of glitters with that feeling.
This time some one gave me achallenge to write a love note to your lover or tell us the kind of a lover you imagine.
The kind of a man I am searching for ummmm someone who is handsome coz I think I am beautiful.
Someone who loves me , adores me for what I am coz loving skin is the last stage which is popularly known as lust not love however people confuse both of them frequently and some times on purpose. Someone who is romantic, intelligent, helpful, who has positive stride in life, cares for me, respects my opinion in everything, loves me unconditionally , financially stable , have love for animals , have good body and health , always speak words of love for me behind my back and in front of me. Respects my family and makes me feel secure and stand by me in every situation, connects with me easily… in short… a replica of me…  However, I have found these qualities in some one… guess who??   Well, I dream a lot and I do meet my imaginary lover now and then however waiting for him to manifest in real though we converse words of love to each other which I have mentioned in the end in the form of poem. I hope you guys would enjoy reading it. Until  then this valentine also I am going to celebrate with my girl friends  and family and yes we will celebrate love for each other.. till  Mr. imaginary manifest lolz..
Once I met a handsome charming man in my dreams
He was sturdy with eyes full of gleam
His touch was amiable to me
His smile captured my heart
He was someone from my dreams
A handsome charming man who was somewhere in this physical realm
He dared to come near me
He whispered words in my ear like melody
I want you to want me
I love you to love me
Looking myself in you
I want to admire your beauty
I want you to be my precious sweetie
The one who only belongs to me
I need your physical presence around me
I am waiting for destiny to play its game
Bringing me to you and you to me
 In this physical world without any shame
I embraced him into my arms
I welcomed him into my thoughts
Love sparkled like a diamond between us
It was mesmerizing tryst I said
I too want to admire our love but not in haste
I too want to taste the words you offer me through thoughts
Once we are together in this physical realm
I promise to be your dame without any fling
I opened my eyes in a blink realizing
Its dawn now
And I was dreaming the beautiful story of you and me