You love me


I searched my reflection into the water and I met you

I searched my shadow in the sun and I met you

I kept on walking and waiting for night to ring its bell

I tried to find my outline in the darkness I met you

I asked stars to tell me who are you

They smiled and said he is your reflection in front of you

The love that you searched everywhere

He is there to introduced that in you

He is your reflection hug him with all your heart

Trust me its true

While listening to the story of starts I slept tight

In my dreams I met you

You smiled at me and I woke up instantly

What is happening to me was the question I asked to universe inadvertently

I started my day with a smile thinking of you

Who are you who are you

I gazed around everywhere consciously

Alas I could not find you

I gave up on you and dismissed the thoughts which were coming to me from you

To lead my life normally

I met friends and party hard

Until on Valentine Day I saw you

The chase was over this time

You stood up physically in front of me

Holding my hand and smiling

Oh god is it true I asked you

Yes my love I have been waiting for you

Now we are together I want to show you

How much you mean to me

How much I love you in me



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