Show must go on!!!


I am involved in my movie called life

Every day I wake up to be different

Digging my existence and insights

Enjoying my persona with happiness and disguise

I am entire time actress in my movie called life

Sometimes my role is appreciated by the audience

They push me towards a ladder which makes me rise

Sometimes I am guided to be right by the director called God in radiance

He stops me in-between and makes my timing tight

Sometimes I play the role of a producer

When I supervise your script and pay you to be hooker on given site

I make them love me

I make them hate me

I lived with many

I parted with many

I am living this lie called life

I am whatever you want me to be till I am alive

In the movie of my life which is called “Illusion to guide your soul right”

After my role finishes in the movie called life

My soul would be taken by the helpers of director

He will shape my existence in the new form one more time

Till then show must go on

Coz when I will be back the camera of life will once again flicker

I would be asked by the director to perform again on the stage called life

And one more time I would witness this limelight with so many roles hidden

To make me rise….

I would start my role once director says

Camera, lights Action….

My role would began then and I will shine


9 thoughts on “Show must go on!!!

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  3. It is so amazing that we believe in different things and that shows in unexpected places… Like you said that you will come back to do your role once again, i believe that we one soul has one life
    Btw, background… Valentine’s Day???


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