Write Here and Write Now

 Today I am going to write my heart out and that too being in the present moment.
Sometimes living in the NOW is difficult especially when your heart and mind are not in sync. Today is the day to remember our dead ones and this morning I along with my family prayed for each and every soul we lost in our journey of life.

Getting into someone’s shoes and think on what they are thinking of us is so very difficult but making every minute you live memorable is what counts. Today after offering prayers I was on my way to my office and was lost in my thoughts. Thinking how things have changed, how people have changed. How what it used to be is not…

Did I give my best to those who are not with me? Am I doing my best in making those around me realize that I value them?

No wonder I love praying for my family, for people who love me but then what do they think of me? Do they feel loved by me?

Loads of questions and thoughts yet no answer.

Any way’s reached office and as the day started easy, no boss around I tried to divert my mind thinking maybe I am getting too emotional … As I logged on to by face book I came across a Budweiser advertisement of a golden pup which looked like my dog I recently lost in June, 2013 , I could not help clicking on that and to my surprise the video not only has my favorite song but the pup who resembled a lot like my furry baby Kooky….I had earlier and now looked alike a pup I have now i.e. Sultan.

Now, wait a minute, what is this? May be Kooky my furry baby is trying to tell me to value him in my new pup. May be or may be not.

But this particular thought kept on barging on my mind till my lunch hour and I watched that video again and again on my cell phone… when I finally decided to write my heart out.

NOW I have Sultan (my new pup) I love him with all my heart and value him too but then I know he loves me too.

May be there is an answer to my questions in that video. May be my ties are strong with my loved ones whose earthly presence is no more in my life right now but they are with me in my journey and I am confident that I would never be left alone and each time I am stuck they will be there to help me out

I sat and thanked all the souls whose earthly presence I have lost and did not waste a minute in letting my loved ones know how much I love them in my thoughts. After all, vibes effect. The song was “Let her go by passenger”

And the message I got was do not value someone after you lose them… take time out NOW to let them know how much you love them because You only miss the sun when it ‘s start to snow.

I know there are people apart from my family who love me more than me . Write Here and Write now accept their love in my life and yes, I love you too…………Remember I told you that I love you before it’s too late……








  1. I dream that ‘Lost’ would never be true, and that ‘they’ and’ us’ would never cease to exist or be apart, …dreaming that feels good…and that’s a good sign


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