Obstacle Course

Living my life in haste
I want to do everything at any case
Checking my check list everyday
I found barrier in accomplishing my needs and wants with dates
I want to do it
I want to prove it
But hey, wait for a while I say
I use excuse as my fine bridge everyday
When I see others accomplishing the same at the tender age
I find myself questioning my belief like an insane
How do they do it is my question I asked God one day
The light shined above my heart
Channeling me to meet my guardian angel that day
Hello I am here to guide you with the barriers in your life he said
I am your guardian angel in the path of your life
You know that you use excuse as barrier
That is the first step
To lead you further you need to call upon your two best friends who are stringent
They are Focus and determination
They will tame your mind
And guide you towards you oh! Divine
Just move ahead and call upon them
In the beginning door of your heart would be knocked by the fear that will make you stay
Then you will be uneasy for a while
As your mind would play stubborn games
Understand that it will lead you to the same shame
Don’t give up my dame
Trust me when you will take out your sword of confidence
They will run away
Then you will see light
You will see your friends
Let them in and soon your life would be living nightingale
You will meet serendipities and coincidences guiding you towards your aim