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Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever done.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us KINDNESS.


What a beautiful topic Daily prompt has given today Kindness. I love being kind may be it is embedded in me as values given to me by my family.

I enjoy praying for my people or for someone I feel I should pray. The kindness thing is so into me that I ended up learning various healing techniques and with these I was taught by my healer teachers how to bless. I enjoy blessing the most.


I remember once when I had spanking ly newly learnt Reiki, my intuition power had  became so strong that I could easily understand that the person who was standing in front of me was suffering as in emotionally, physically or spiritually.  That was kind of a kick for me as I immediately used to stand up to help (I still do but then I have learnt that not everybody needs your help that is another story).


Well, as I am fond of my evening walks, I once was walking around and I saw a stray dog crying. I went up to him and I asked him if his stomach was aching?  To my surprise he was quick to lie down with his stomach up in front of me, I started giving him reiki and soon after 5 minutes he stood up licked my cheek, I opened my eyes and I saw him running from one side to another with a happy face he made two rounds in front of me stood for a minute looked directly into my eyes and vanished off.

Would you call it kindness? Then yes, I have been kind that night to stray furry baby.


Recently, I know a woman who constantly visits my face book profile and I visit hers too, though we do not talk to each other we are somewhat like known strangers.  Recently, through her updates and comments I came to know that she was living separately from her husband. I constantly blessed her and her husband and prayed for their togetherness. Results: well, they both are together and she updates less sadistic messages on her profile…


Kindness is like a tablet for the pain… After all what goes around comes around… I always remind that myself to me.


A life is born with thousand lessons

They keep on becoming harder as we move further

At times we end up being miserable

Cursing our destiny

Rolling tears

Welcoming sorrow and jealousy

Hugging harsh words near

We try to move forward however we live in fear

We consider door of love closed with our delusion

The key to open the door of love is kindness

A messenger of God said it once from heaven

Blow it like a magic dust on who wants it

Forget about your deed and move onwards

That leads you to your new lesson

If you listen to me and act wisely he said

I will make the same deed done by another in fervor

Someone else will blew that same dust on you in your trials

When the your world would be upside down and full of wires

I will be with you holding you tight and making you smile

In the form of Kindness

That is timeless…………..






I was born up in Delhi and has been living in the city since then; I have completed my graduation from the Delhi University. I come from a respectable and close-knit family. As an individual, my endearing nature and cheerful personality makes me popular among friends. I am an avid reader – I am fond of reading anything to do with spiritualism, psychology, the psychic realm, reincarnations and autobiographies. My favorite authors include Brain Weiss, Paulo Coelho, Brian Tracy, Gary Chapman, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue, Sudha Murthy, Priya Kumar among many others. I feel my connect with books not only enhances my knowledge but also inspires me. I have put a pen to my thoughts and created book of poems called Love beyond Veils, book of short stories The golden hour and the gang of wonder kids available on amazon and Flipkart I am also fond of music and plays the guitar too. I have keenness in mysticism and the occult – I am a certified Pranic and Reiki healer, Angel therapist, Tarot Card reader and an astrologer. I share a deep love for animals and this is reflected in the fact that I took up the healing courses ostensibly to alleviate the suffering of stray animals. I practice meditation too. Professionally, I began my career with an international airline; then switched to work for diplomatic missions. I sat for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam in 2009 to test and enhance my knowledge in the language.

6 thoughts on “NICE IS AS NICE DOES

  1. Convinced the doctor from the mental hospital to allow me to leave and promised to come back to say good-bye to Joshie, who I had met at UCD who was dying at home. The time spent was priceless and I returned and then he passed.


  2. I have done random acts of kindness, but for me personally; to tell anyone makes me feel like I am bragging, and it diminishes the act itself. This is a personal thing with me, and does not reflect on anyone else, so please do not take offence. I enjoy reading your posts.


    1. 😊 Thanks for your appreciation . I second your thought. This was in response of daily prompt also sometimes it is necessary to share your experiences as people learn from examples. 🙂


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