My lunch hour



For working people morning time is the time to struggle with the daily chores so that they can reach office on time.

Like every working woman my mother struggles to pack a lunch for me and to prepare the breakfast for me however, I never had a chance to thank her enough for her time and energy  she invests every day for me as I am also rushing everyday for my office.


For me, my lunch hour is the best time among all. I am not the kind of a person who enjoys office gossips around, I prefer having my lunch with the nature, I mean, if I get a chance I go outside in sun and share a bite from my lunch with birds and squirrels around. Sometimes I do have guests like crow and vulture but they all seem to be pretty well behaved as they sit in front of me and wait for me to give them a bite from my lunch.


After finishing my lunch, I enjoy calling my family to know if they all are doing well or sometimes a call from a friend drops in and we enjoy talking about where we are leading with our lives. If I get time I walk around and enjoy gazing at the trees and listening to the noise these tiny beings make.  That is kind of a meditation for me as I do not let my mind wander around who says what at that time… When you are working you are bound to be attacked by politics if you are not a player but then there is a quite one hour in between which can freshen you up to get back to the field either to be an observer or to play as you like.


But mind you there are times when you cannot connect yourself with the nature like rainy days , on those particular days I eat my lunch at my desk and gaze outside the window like I used to do when I was in school.. However I still don’t know what do I gaze but yes my mind stops there and sometimes I end up writing poetry or a story in between.


Among every hour of the day, I enjoy my lunch hour which let me enjoy my own self. Away from the materialistic hush bush of the world. I am alone with myself and I personally feel if you cannot enjoy your own company then how you want others to do that. What say?


As the clock struck one

Stretch your limbs

It’s time to shun

Gossips around which lead you to none

 It’s time to go out

To have some fun

Adventures make you live your life

It’s time for you to find something which challenge your soul and your sight

It can be kindness of sharing your lunch with someone

It can be a time to experience nature while lying on the grass

It can be a time to hear bird’s melodious songs

It can be a time to walk with your soul on footpath

It can be a time to witness some magical thoughts

It can be a time to write your heart out

Be with yourself

Count your blessings

Coz this is the best time in 24 hours

When the clock struck one

Stretch your limbs

And be out to have some fun








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