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Captive’s Choice









I was walking past my way

Our eyes met alas he had a mask on his face

That is all I remember happened that day

When I recouped my conscious next day

 I was in an estrange building

With two men around walking left to right and right to left in haste

Unfortunately they caught a wrong girl with the same name

How they can send me back they would be caught by cops if they did that anyway

They had multiple choices on which they were conversing in front of me that day

A man in black said let’s burn her alive

The other one replied

No, I loved her eyes

What if we leave her here locked

No, hunger or fear of darkness would kill her by tonight

What do we do then he asked in a frustrated way

Let’s throw her into an unknown forest he said

I am in love with her I cannot imagine animal eating her away

Then you give me an idea said the man in black

Before the dawn breaks

They both thought for a while

Moving from left to right

I was sitting quiet

With my hands tied and lips locked

Observing and praying for light

The other man stopped and gazed deep into my eyes

He kept on gawking until I turned my face to other side

He touched my face and forced me to look back at him in a loving way

I was hypnotized by his touch and the look that he gave

Suddenly there was no fear and no longer I  was yearning for divine light

He said I will leave her at an island

Her dark circles and not so dead skin shows

 She is dying for a vacation for long

The man in black was mystified by the way other man talked gazing direct into my eyes

He came near to me and I felt his energy light

I wish I could take you along with me forever he said

Though I am in love with you but I am a sinner who kills for my butter and bread

I would leave you at an island which is near

You spend some time alone gazing at the beauty of nature  

I unlocked my lips to utter my first word in front of him ever

What would I do alone there?

I give you a choice either kill me or prove your love to me my dear

Stay for a while with me without any fear

Though I am courageous and you a lover

I too fell in love with your thought process oh kidnapper!

Take me along to an island for a day if not forever

Let’s witness love for once in our lives in a day together if never

I promise that would be our secret

Our love would be witnessed only by the nature

He smiled and said I was out to commit a sin by killing someone

You killed me with your words and made me your servant

I will be with you till the dawn breaks tomorrow

Alas no promise to stay with you forever

I smiled and thought for a while in fervor

That was the sweet kidnap I did that day in my life ever

I took him along with me on Stranded Island that day

He left me back safe and sound next day

Though before leaving he said

God forbids if ever someone tries to kidnap you again

Please don’t hypnotize him with your eyes so much

That he is left with no choice but to give in to you lovely Dame!





I was born up in Delhi and has been living in the city since then; I have completed my graduation from the Delhi University. I come from a respectable and close-knit family. As an individual, my endearing nature and cheerful personality makes me popular among friends. I am an avid reader – I am fond of reading anything to do with spiritualism, psychology, the psychic realm, reincarnations and autobiographies. My favorite authors include Brain Weiss, Paulo Coelho, Brian Tracy, Gary Chapman, Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue, Sudha Murthy, Priya Kumar among many others. I feel my connect with books not only enhances my knowledge but also inspires me. I have put a pen to my thoughts and created book of poems called Love beyond Veils, book of short stories The golden hour and the gang of wonder kids available on amazon and Flipkart I am also fond of music and plays the guitar too. I have keenness in mysticism and the occult – I am a certified Pranic and Reiki healer, Angel therapist, Tarot Card reader and an astrologer. I share a deep love for animals and this is reflected in the fact that I took up the healing courses ostensibly to alleviate the suffering of stray animals. I practice meditation too. Professionally, I began my career with an international airline; then switched to work for diplomatic missions. I sat for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam in 2009 to test and enhance my knowledge in the language.

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