But no Cigar

Everything was going right
We were meant to be together
He promised me togetherness forever
There was something between us
That we spoke through eyes
All things were set right
Could hear wedding bells ringing in my ears with delight
Until one fateful day he met a dame who promised him limelight
To move on further with his life he left me in between
A promise tattered away in disguise
He was out of my sight
Love lost its meaning when he bid goodbye
I was left lovelorn
Letting my heart whine
With a broken heart I cussed my life
That which bought me shameful insight
Squalid eyes haunted my soul day and night
I decided to Perch on grave
Closing my eyes
It took years to come out from that sad demise
Everyone saw me closed
But they could not catch the sight of cigar burning my life