Singular Sensation of you and me

If you could have a guarantee that one, specific person was reading your blog, who would you want that person to be? Why? What do you want to say to them?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us ONE.
When daily prompt asked this question today, My mind kept me occupied with who could that one person be but then My thoughts danced on the waves of words and I ended up writing who and why as asked by daily prompt.

So here it is my new creation only for  you  Yes you the one who is reading my blog right now , You who is going to decorate my creation more with your comments like a star. As Shetall says… Trust me I write only for you… Here is the one for you… Read on!
If I could choose the one
I would choose you
The one who is my shadow
The one who reads my thoughts
The one who enjoys me more than me
The one who loves me more than me
The one who cares for me more than me
And that would be you
Yes You!
I have filled my heart with so much of me
That all the time I miss you.
Come be my mirror so that I can reflect in you
Let you and I merge to be one
The distance which keeps me away from you be none
Let me bind you in my thoughts so strong
That you think of me and you as one
Let me write magical words everyday
That your eyes enjoy reading them
Let the twinkle in your eyes remain and you bid good bye to glum
Let my imaginative theories of togetherness
Proves to be a miracle which creates magic with fun
Let my heart be connected to yours forever to be one
Let the world witness the magic you and me creates together
Let the lonesome end up finding their loved ones.
Read me in the words that I write
Make love with the words that I type
As I am nothing until you witness my presence or absence
As I am nothing till you shape my world with the fragrance of  your words with love………