Happy holidays to all of you

Dear Readers,
As the last week of December, 2013 has approached, the world is engrossed in the mesmerizing magic of the winters. The magic is in the air, for some in the form of Christmas and for some in the form of long holidays. The grip of magic shows strongly on all of us when it touches our skin with a chilly wind, when it hugs us with a little slouch in the back while walking on the streets during cold mornings; it makes love with us when we pass on the cracked half smile to a stranger who too is hugged by it with the same velocity…
I too wish all of you very happy holidays. It is an opportunity for me to thank all of you for appreciating my posts, with your comments, ping backs, likes and what more. The year 2013 has taught me major lessons of my life when I lost my two endearing souls. Anyway it has also given me you all, who always brought twinkle in my eyes with their thoughtful gestures.
May the year 2014 bring enormous love and luck to all of you. May you all keep on reading my posts and guide me right with your comments and May the bond which we have created this year remain.
I wish all of you happy holidays and a very happy new year.
I looked back and gave a final touch to a chapter of my life
Bidding good bye to those who chose to depart from my sight
Closing that chapter considering it as a gift from divine
As the new year dawns I turn that page with a smile
A blank page in front of me is like a new beginning
I hold the pen of destiny & ask my guarding angels to guide me right
It’s time to write something that brings delight to my eyes.
I start it with the wishes I hold  for you in  my heart..
May you find guidance from divine
The life is long and different experiences will linger on
Don’t fight too hard with it and learn to accept every single sight
I pray that the support of your higher self is so strong
That you could cross any storm
It will be time to witness goodness
It will be time to fight with darkness
Don’t get low in between coz
These are the lessons in disguise
We are born to live
And to walk on the roads of salvation
That helps us witness God inside
I wish you happy New Year with a smile
Thank you once again for appreciating my blogs and my thoughts…
Kind Regards