Happy Holidays in my way

Today, I want to confess something, I hate teaching and I had always hated my teachers when I was young. Yes, that is true. But my perception was changed in 2011 when an old friend of mine suggested me to learn Spanish and I met a beautiful lady in the form of my teacher. I was actually going through a very low during that time and she came into my life as a reminder call of what imagination could lead you too. I remember vividly that she gave us a project. That project was to build a country of our own. We would be the masters of what we wanted in our country. However everything we had to explain it in Spanish and that was bit difficult. I knocked the door of my left brain and let my imaginations run. I ended up creating 100 slides (I still have it with me saved as PowerPoint slide). I named my country on the drink that I enjoyed the most “Margarita” .After much research I came to know that there was already an island called Margarita in South America. Well, again that was a co incidence. However, today, when the beeper of my email buzzed on my cell phone and I was asked to run my imaginations one more time I recalled that glorious co incidence where I had been named supreme ruler of the universe like “He Man – and the masters of the universe” (my favorite show during my toddler years) Where the first order of business was to create and institute a holiday or festival in my honor. They asked me what day of year my holiday will be? Well, since you guys declared me a She Woman, I would make people celebrate holidays twice a year for one whole good week. First will be on the 12th June i.e. on my birthday and the other will be on the 11th September i.e. on Angel’s day. On both these occasions, sales will be on all the shops, there would be dance and music all around. Bonus will be given to all employees. Streets would be decorated by lights. Special fates would be organized for children where rides would be free of cost. All shopping malls will have games for adults. Casinos will be on 24 hours where people would play their luck twice only. The whole world will exchange gifts; family get together would be a rule during these seasons. All over the world, beggars and rag pickers will be given good food by the respective governments. All types of spiritual guru’s would be asked to make their meditation courses free of cost for those who want it and for those who wants to repeat it for a week. Since, I would be playing the role of a shee woman I would make miracles happen. I would help people raise their vibes so high that the power of acceptance, forgiveness, kindness and happiness would heal everyone. Hospitals will be empty and doctors would be partying. Travel around the world would be free of cost… I would sprinkle the anecdote of love so much in the human mind that those who are searching for their soul mates would meet them instantly during these seasons. Those who are thinking of divorce would understand that the world is beautiful when they both are together…. Those kids who do not get along well with the parents would learn there value (atleast in that powerful, magical week) Wow, I think I have imagined too much heheee let me end this idea of holiday here and let me rejoice in who I am and what I am doing today. Anyway the holiday season is on for many of my colleagues and bosses. I wish all of you happy holidays. Cheers If only the imaginations can come true The world will be full of blessings For me and you If only the light persuaded by the angel in you The darkness would reside in the corner of the world Where no distress and unhappiness can grew If only the imaginations can come true The world will be full of blessings for me and you Visit blogadda.com to discover Indian blogs