The word DESIRE, I have been contemplating on my thoughts of desire and invoked my imaginary boyfriend one more time… Well, it has been hell lot of time since I met him and his thought knocks my head at the exact moment to guide me with my thought process obviously whenever I “Desire” him. He said that everything we get in our lives is through our desire or wishes. Like I got him, I said. So what if in the real world you hardly come across a man who is so loving and sincere to you, I have him in my imaginations and he brings wonders to me when needed  He quoted many examples to explain the term to me . Let me share one of them with you all…. For example, a child enters into this world coz a woman “Desires” to be a mother or a couple desires to give a name to their seed of love… For me, I have plenty of desires inside me yet none. If I rewind my life into my mind’s eye I reflect many instances where sometimes I desired something but never put an extra effort to get it however things did come to me but in their own good time. I have been writing for a long time. If you ask me to be true, I have been writing since I was in second standard however off and on. I had a desire to be a writer one day but never took my thoughts so seriously. Somehow God did gave me what I wanted by sending some cruelty to me. May be that was a strong call that it’s time now to write… Likewise, I have observed sometimes when we affirm our desires daily we are in alignment of what we want however we need to go with the flow. I never thought that people would appear in my life to guide me to blog, I never thought that “Seriously” I would be a writer and there are plenty of more hidden desires which I long for however I will share them once I get to the edge of them I guess ! For now I anticipate desire as a longing for something coming to fruitions with the affirmations and moving into the direction with the help of signs which we often get however we tend to ignore it when we give much more importance to logic then our dreams. I have a heart full of love Yet no desire so great to be dubbed Regards Shetall