Treasure within

You turned your back towards the world in remorse
No one can see you
No one can touch you
No one can care for you
No one can be your friend in distress
No one can talk to you
But your morsel image has been experienced by someone inside
Something is snarling inside your skin
Some one is talking to you trying to take you out of the bridled energy you created
Someone assiduously watching your every move
Someone is trying to get you out from your insidious
Self created obviated locked image
It is none other than silence inside
Working hard on you to get you right
Life is to live she says
Every lesson your soul desire to learn
 Is guided towards you
 In the form of tyrannical phase
So shush! And listen
Observe the dorsal phase which you lived in haste
Worry no more
Care no more
Homo sapiens come and go
And on gloomy days when you feel that you are alone
Turn towards the friend inside
If you listen to it carefully
It will lead you to gold
That is none other than the silence inside
Don’t search for it
It resides inside and will be with you whenever you will feel low

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