Sink or Swim


A child is born into this world as a seed of love from a couple  and the whole world rejoices his/ her presence and so as the proud parents thinking they have given life to their seed of love … but there is something beyond this worldly thought.

A child chooses his parents according to the lessons he decides to bear in the coming life before taking birth. (This is mentioned in “the laws of the spirit world” and Celestine prophecy). Lessons that shape him or her as an individual or help him with the soul growth.


Like everyone I think I have taken this birth to learn the lessons on love, forgiveness and moreover trust at least that much I could decipher now from my existence in this world.

My lessons started when I started speaking or may be when I started going to school.

Being a happy child, coming from a family that is full of love, Forget about swimming I was not even aware what sinking is all about.  I was never introduced to clever stabbing or politics by my family. I have been taken care as a sensitive bud but there were lessons indeed while in school , college , working atmosphere and yes so called personal life with plenty of crushes No parent can see tear in his/ her child’s eyes or their depression  they try to make their kids understand that but sometimes child take it otherwise and feels that he is all alone in his journey like a stupid thing I did with myself. That is when I learned what sinking and swimming is all about…

I have lived many lessons yet I have a lesson which taught me to trust people but with open eyes whether it is your lover or a friend!

I trust people easily and that too blindly. You can call this stupidity after all after a certain age everybody learns to abuse relations, to show people that you trust and make their lives rust. To back stab after all the world is full of competition and if your lover or friend or co worker you like or befriend with , if they too come in between just crush them and  move forward.

Besides knowing all these facts, I lived them in my life but l I trust. No matter how stupid you might think. My theory is if someone uses your trust to betray you and you do the same thing to others. Soon there would be no one in this world who could genuinely trust.

Once I ended up mixing up my professional and personal life that bought me immense grief as I saw my lover as my competitor who crushed me to death and he was helped by my dear friends whom I trusted blindly. I was all alone at that time no one nearby to console me not even my family. (Well, that is what I thought). All I was told that everything is my fault. I remember walking down lanes at late nights, crying and asking for help but by that time my nervous system was giving up and I was very near to death and I would not be wrong calling it near death experience but then as I have a mantra to lead this life which says “nothing lasts forever” then how could this grief be… I stood up for myself and with dignity I decided to walk ahead to move in life… yes my heart was howling but then I was my own best friend at that time and till  now if I recall those haunted days and nights I get goose bumps.

I kept on meeting same kind of people in the form of friends, colleagues and lovers but it was my lesson and once you learn a lesson teacher disappears.

It took me 5 long years to learn my lesson and to make my teacher disappear. Today, I trust people with open eyes but sometimes I end up giving in to my old ways of trusting without thinking about the harm the person can do to me… but then when I relive my past the ghost teacher appears and then for a while I do deep breathing and take a break from world getting into my cocoon for a while..

My lesson is to be determined and to love myself come what may.. Yes, I am born to form relations but those who are stale and of no use its time to give up on them and make new relations which could guide me to another lesson of trust or of love …


I walked down to the earth from heaven

To complete my lessons with perseverance

Carrying my personal baggage of lessons

An invisible baggage that I carried along without my knowledge

That came in the form of pain and agony that I have to acknowledge

Leaving me crushed and unhappy many times

I found myself in a dark shell seeking divine

I kept on walking alone

Not knowing that those who value me are beyond

My senses stopped working

Negative aliments in my brain started attacking

No one loves me

I am alone

No one cares for me

I don’t want to live anymore

I begged for death at various moments

Once I saw a light booming at me with direction

It took me out of my shell and asked me to love one more time without any hassles

Today when I look back at those days where I lived my life thinking I was alone in dismay

I thank god for the guidance

After all this is the reason I have taken this birth

To finish my lessons in the form of personal baggage