Vote wisely


It’s Election time… It’s time to vote… I enjoy this day not only because we get a day off and I enjoy my lazy mornings curling myself inside my quilt,  enjoying my bed tea thrice I guess :p  but also a family get together where we discuss each other’s opinion on which party should we vote for?

For me, being a citizen of India, it is very necessary to consider the agenda given by the various candidates first and to decide which party I feel is good enough to make a better government. It is my right to practice my opinion and I know among millions of citizens my vote counts.

People being a citizen of the country do not vote and plenty of bogus voting done by corrupt party leaders which results in getting a corrupt or wrong leader for the country. Come on guys this opinion of yours will give us a government for five years.

Five long years, do we wish to crib for the hike in the prices of petrol, vegetables, fares etc and not in our salaries: p..  at least if the government you opt for , rules and these things happen somewhere it would be a lesson for you to choose a better party next time.

I personally feel that we all must practice choosing a government which will lead us to better future towards better India. Loads of Indians opt for settling down outside India for better opportunities even though they get a treatment of being a second citizen of the country they don’t mind.

Don’t you think that the civics books of India which still carries a line which says “India is a developing country “should be changed to “India is a developed country”?

Let students of other countries feel proud to complete their education over here in India.

Let people think that India is a much better place to stay or to migrate as Indians have a wonderful GDP and NDP… and it is a peaceful country

How these things will happen if being an Indian you won’t support your own country and you won’t choose your own leader which proves to be an asset for the country?

My request to my fellow Indian readers to please vote and make India a better place to live in…


P.s -à And for those, who have nasty, jerky bosses that too Indian who resides away from family  with no life.. and there life is all about work work work… Bosses… take a chill pill. Tomorrow is a day to give rest to your mind and if you still insist that with you other staff should come to the office (with a curse for you on their mind)… I am attaching a link of a paid holiday for your info issued by the Government of India… Hope you get arrested tomorrow then,  after all in jail you will have plenty of work and your colleagues outside will rejoice your absence heehaw

Hence I am going to cast my vote tomorrow demanding honesty and integrity from the party I will opt for … What are you going to demand for !!




4 thoughts on “Vote wisely

  1. Good luck with the vote. At least you will vote and have a say. In the “old South (southern USA) where there were many voting irregularities a famous quote: “Vote early and vote often.” It was a time when one could cheat, but not too much any longer.


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