Tigeress in me…

A fear is the brother of worry
It multiplies with time
It leaves you where you feel sorry
Sometimes for yourself
Sometimes for your honey
His lover is guilt
Who does not let you live
They all are born from one dame
The one who is commonly known by a name
She attracts humans like magnet
She is the one who brings shame
Her name is anger
She is married to dragger
A dragger which is a silent killer
He is commonly known as jealousy in this world of errors
Once upon a time I met fear in my life
Where I was living my life with love residing inside
I thought he cannot enter in my life
Alas I was too innocent to understand the trick behind
First I was introduced to jealousy by my lover
I thought it is harmless sometimes I used to entertain anger
But slowly it took a turn
People who claimed to love me
Suddenly played the worst game of evil
They rescued my inner peace
Love became slave of them in that season
I thought I was helpless and I gave myself to fear
Fear who is the lover of evil bought me only tears
They worked together to make my life miserable
My life became a living funeral
My appearance to mirror was detestable
I decided to bow my head to sacrifice in front of evil
When hidden courage inside me stood up as a pillar
Courage guided me towards my constructive side
I was glad that I found him on time
The fight between fear and courage was at is propensity
I was mere an unconscious audience in between
At the end Fear became slave of courage inside me
Today I walk like a tigress

The one who diktat fear  to bow in front of